Beer Ingredients

Brewing Sugar / Beer Enhancer
Use instead of sugar with any Beer Kit to produce much better results.

Code Product Size Price Qty
B420 Brewing Sugar 1 Kilo


B339 Beer Enhancer 1 Kilo


Muntons Spray Dry Malt Extracts
Use as a natural alternative to sugar during brewing, will add Body and Head Retention.

Code Product Size Price Qty
B305 Light 500 gms


B306 Medium 500 gms


B309 Extra Dark 500 gms


B310 Wheat 500 gms


Liquid Malt Extracts

Code Product Size Price Qty
B317 Muntons Light Malt 1.5 Kilo ⮰0


B319 Muntons Amber Malt 1.5 Kilo ⮰0


B318 Muntons Dark Malt 1.5 Kilo ⮰0


B324 Brupacks Premium Grade Pale 1.5 Kilo ᮵0



Whole and Crushed Malt Grains

Code Product Size Price Qty
B347 Whole Crystal 500 gms


B348 Crushed Crystal 500 gms


B349 Crushed Pale 500 gms


B350 Crushed Pale 3 Kilo


B352 Crushed Lager 500 gms


B353 Crushed Lager 3 Kilo


B354 Whole Chocolate 500 gms


B355 Whole Black 500 gms


B359 Crushed Wheat Malt 500 gms


B362 Carapils (Caramel Malt) 500 gms 2.40


Unmalted Adjuncts

Code Product Size Price Qty
B356 Roasted Barley 500 gms


B357 Flaked Barley 500 gms


B358 Flaked Maize 500 gms


B364 Torrefied Wheat 500 gms



Code Product Size Price Qty
B371 Sovereign (Fuggles replacement) 100 gms 羚nt>5.00


B373 Goldings 100 gms 羚nt>5.00


B374 Northern Brewer 100 gms 羚nt>5.00


Brupack Foil Packed Hops

Code Product Size Price Qty
B385 Goldings 100 gms


B386 Fuggles 100 gms


B387 Northdown 100 gms


B388 Target 100 gms


B389 Hallertauer 100 gms


B390 Challenger 100 gms


B392 Saaz 100 gms


B394 Cascade 100 gms


B397 Progress 100 gms


B391 Galena 100 gms


B393 Bramling Cross 100 gms


B395 Citra 100 gms


B396 Willammette 100 gms


Brupack Foil Packed Hop Pellets

Code Product Size Price Qty
B405 Goldings 100 gms


B406 Fuggles 100 gms


B407 Styrian Goldings 100 gms


Hop Extracts

Code Product Size Price Qty
B404 Isomerised Up To 10 Gallons 57 ml


prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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