Still Spirits Essences

There are two alternatives ways of using the Still Spirit Range
Method 1. In countries where the law allows.  Ferment Turbo Triple Distilled Yeast in a 25 litre fermenter with 6 kilos of sugar and clear with Turbo Clear Finings, this is then run through a Water Purifier to produce a base of 7.5 litres at 40% ABV.  More information is available on request.
Method 2. By following the instructions on Spirit and Liqueur Flavourings and using an inexpensive Vodka as your alcohol base.


Classic  Developed for those who want the very best.  This is the premium range within the Still Spirits family of flavouring products. The flavour profiles and authenticity of the Classic flavours is absolutely top quality.
Each pack is sufficient when added to plain spirit, to make 1 litres of excellent Brandy, Whisky, Gin and Rum etc.

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A220 Gin   A distinctive refreshing gin of outstanding character. This very concentrated essence produces a clean tasting clean smelling gin with a strong juniper flavour and a touch of coriander.


A221 Queensland Gold Rum  A mellow rum with subtle tones of liquorice, golden syrup and molasses.  The distinctive taste of American white oak gives this a complex yet smooth aftertaste.


A222 Navy Dark Rum  A dark sweet, mellow rum styled on the seafaring rums of old.  Best enjoyed straight.


A223 Brandy  A mellow, well aged, brandy style.  A subtle blend of grape & fruit flavours give this connoisseur's brandy a distinctive place in any liquor cabinet.


A224 Whisky  A rich, golden, full flavoured, single malt whisky style. As you sip this you can almost hear the sound of bagpipes and smell the peat fires burning.


A225 Finest Reserve Whisky  A unique blend of several of the best distillations from fermented grains combine to give this Whisky outstanding flavour and aroma. Unique smoky and peaty qualities.


A226 American Bourbon  A smooth, rich, bourbon with the strong aroma of peach wood barrel oak.  A superior bourbon ideal for drinking straight over ice.


A227 Tennessee Bourbon  A full flavoured sour mash Whisky with distinctive aromas and yet mellow and smooth.  Great over ice but traditionally drunk with coke and ice.


A228 Dark Jamaican Rum  A smooth, mellow traditional dark rum, full flavoured and warm to the taste.


A229 Single Malt whiskey


A235 V.S.O.P. A smooth, rounded flavour, with subtle fragrances and delicate colour.  With it's distinctive grape and fruit notes, this premium spirit is best enjoyed neat in a tulip shaped glass.  




Top Shelf  Professionally presented in a 50ml bottle with individual labels that give off clues as to the spirit that they emulate.  Each pack is sufficient when added to plain spirit, to make 2.25 litres (3 x 750ml bottles) of Brandy, Whisky, Gin and Rum etc.

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A240 Absinthe  Add sugar and water and wait for the ⥥n Fairy䯠be unleashed.


A241 Aussie Gold Rum  A real Australian style rum with rich burnt sugar and American oak flavour notes.


A242 Bourbon  A favourite for many discerning Bourbon drinkers. Variations can be made by adding sugar to taste.


A243 Citrus Vodka  A complex combination of lemons and limes give this vodka its refreshing crisp finish.


A244 Dry Gin  This is one of the very best English dry gin essences on the market.


A245 French Brandy  An excellent complex Napoleon brandy style. Very smooth.


A246 Smokey Malt Whisky  A distinctive, single malt style with strong peat undertones.


A247 White Rum  The very best Caribbean style white rum available.


A248 Irish Whisky  A typical Irish whiskey, smooth and very mellow with overtones of sherry and vanilla.


A249 Jamaican Dark Rum  As the name suggests, this rich, dark rum has the rich molasses tones and full flavour of a traditional Jamaican style.


A250 Kentucky Bourbon  A rich, fruity complex bourbon reminiscent of famous American bourbons.


A251 Vodka   More of a smoothing agent than a flavoring this is a must for vodka drinkers.


A252 Southern Haze  A smooth, delicious, full bodied liquor with a touch of sweetness, a mellow aroma and a rich amber colour.


A253 Tequila  A bitter sweet spirit typical of the Mexican national drink.


A254 Ouzo  A strong aniseed flavoured spirit popular with Greeks the world over.


A255 Scotch Whisky  A complex whisky with rich oak and subtle peat tones.


A256 Caramel vodka  A smooth caramel flavoured vodka, delicious over ice.



prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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