Water Purifier and Distilling Consumables

There are two alternatives ways of using the Still Spirit Range
Method 1. In countries where the law allows.  Ferment Turbo Triple Distilled Yeast in a 25 litre fermenter with 6 kilos of sugar and clear with Turbo Clear Finings, this is then run through a Water Purifier to produce a base of 7.5 litres at 40% ABV.  More information is available on request.
Method 2. By following the instructions on Spirit and Liqueur Flavourings and using an inexpensive Vodka as your alcohol base.
A100** Water Purifier  This Machine is mains powered and is simple to use for producing inexpensive distilled water, essential oils and where legal, alcohol.   When used in conjunction with Turbo Triple Distilled Yeast you can produce up to 60% ABV alcohol,  which is then ideally diluted to 40% ABV as a base for use with the Still Spirit flavourings/extracts.



A110 Turbo Triple Distilled Yeast Including Turbo Carbon Sachet and Turbo Clear Finings Turbo Yeast represents a revolutionary breakthrough in turbo yeast development allowing "Triple Distilled" quality alcohol to be made in the home for the first time.  Sufficient 23 litres.   £6.99


A112 Spare Turbo Clear Finings Sufficient for 25 litres.   £1.59


A113 Spare Turbo Carbon Sachet sufficient for 25 litres.   £1.75


A114 Carbon Teabags for Water Purifier (4)   £3.95


A115 Alcometer / Spirit Hydrometer   £4.10


A116 Air Still Spare Washers (10)   £3.25


A117 Air Still Spare Carbon Cartridges (10)   £5.25


A118 Ceramic Boil Enhancers   £2.40


A119 Distilling Conditioner   £2.40


A120 EZ Filter System   £52.50


**Please Note

It is illegal to manufacture spirits in the UK without a distiller’s licence which is required under the provisions of section 12 of the Alcoholic Liquor Duties Act 1979 and this includes manufacture for “own/domestic use”.

Public Notice 39 – “Spirits production in the UK" dated July 2006 provides further information about HM Revenue and Custom’s requirements.

If you require further assistance then please contact the National Advice Service on Telephone 0845 010 9000 or www.hmrc.gov.uk. Where you can obtain or view public notice 39.

prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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