Still Spirits Cream Liqueur Range

There are two alternatives ways of using the Still Spirit Range

Method 1.

By following the instructions on Spirit and Liqueur Flavourings and using an inexpensive Vodka as your alcohol base.


Method 2.

In countries where the law allows.  Ferment Turbo Triple Distilled Yeast in a 25 litre fermenter with 6 kilos of sugar and clear with Turbo Clear Finings, this is then run through a Water Purifier to produce a base of 7.5 litres at 40% ABV.  More information is available on request.

Top Shelf Cream Liqueurs  Still Spirits offer Cream liqueur base pack to be used with there Cream liqueurs Flavourings.

Each bottle is sufficient when added to plain spirit and a base pack, to make 1.25 Litres (40fl.oz.) of Cream Liqueur.

Code Product Price Qty
A400 Cappuccino Cream A cream liqueur with a rich coffee delicate chocolate flavour.



Cappuccino Cream complete with base pack


A401 Irish Cream Whisky based cream liqueur with a strong vanilla flavour.



Irish Cream complete with base pack


A402 Butterscotch Cream A very popular, easy drinking cream liqueur.



Butterscotch Cream complete with base pack


A403 Pina Colada Cream A cream based pineapple liqueur with a hint of coconut.



Pina Colada Cream complete with base pack


A404 Ambrosia Cream A lovely honey flavoured cream liqueur.



Ambrosia Cream complete with base pack


A405 Banana Cream Rich creamy banana flavour in a distinctive smooth sweet liqueur.



Banana Cream complete with base pack


A406 Chocolate Cream Chocoholics will love this full flavoured double chocolate cream liqueur.  Best drunk over ice, or makes a great ice cream topping.



Chocolate Cream complete with base pack


A407 Marula Cream This drink is most traditionally enjoyed as an after dinner drink served over ice. It also makes an ideal desert when poured over vanilla ice cream. As an alternative try a shot in black coffee. Try substituting Top Shelf Marula cream in any cocktail asking for Irish Cream.



Marula Cream complete with base pack


A408 Caranilla Cream Caranilla liqueur has been developed for the home distilled industry and has no commercial equivalent at this time. It is a mellow blend of caramel and vanilla, which marry together to a rich and inviting liqueur.



Caranilla Cream complete with base pack


A409 Irish Mint Cream Whisky based cream liqueur with a strong vanilla flavour and a delectable hint of mint.



Irish Mint Cream  complete with base pack



Base Packs may be purchased separately

Code Product Price Qty
A134 Cream Base Pack  (400gms)



prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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