Ingredients for Country Wine

Hedgerow Wine Kits
This kit allows anyone with fruit to make it into wine.  Full instructions included, will produce a good wine with little ageing.  You choose the fruit, the kit will do the rest.
Standard winemaking equipment will be required.

Code Product Size Price Qty
2400 Hedgerow wine kits  6 Bottle 7.40


2410 Hedgerow wine kits 30 Bottle 11.95


Young's Concentrate Grape Juice

Code Product Size Price Qty
W322 Red 245gms 3.20


W323 White 245gms 3.20


W223 Red 900gms 7.55


W221 White 900gms 7.55


Dried Fruit, Flowers and Grain etc.

Code Product Size Price Qty
W363 Elderflower 50gms 2.25


W364 Rose Petals 50gms 2.55


W369 Elderberries 500gms 7.20


W370 Rosehips 500gms 4.60


W371 Sloes 500gms 4.90


W372 Wheat 500gms 1.75


W373 Barley 500gms 1.75


prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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