Cider Kits

On The Rocks Fruit Ciders
This new and unique range enable you to produce great tasting fruit ciders at home, quickly and easily. Each On The Rocks kit contains 1.7kg of premium apple concentrate and a carefully developed fruit add back pack which contains real fruit juice to enhance the awesome fruity flavours in every last drop.
All at approximately 5.9% ABV

Code Product Size Price Qty
B517 Apple  A great tasting crisp apple cider with plenty of character
from start to finish – A fine example of an apple cider.

40 pints £17.90


B518 Pear Flavour  Truly remarkable flavour of juicy ripe pears in every sip, naturally refreshing with a smooth character – summer time in a glass.
40 pints £17.90


B519 Blueberry Flavour  A subtle hint of zingy yet sweet blueberries that awaken your taste buds – lively and refreshing.
40 pints £17.90


B520 Raspberry & Lime Flavour  Fresh flavour of lush raspberries hit you instantly with this one followed by a sharp twist of lime at the end balancing it out well– A real thirst quencher.
40 pints £17.90


B521 Mixed Berry Flavour  Lively and refreshing with a burst of mixed berries.
40 pints £17.90


Other Cider Kits

Code Product Size Price Qty
B254 Samsons West Country Cider (1.8 kilo kit)
Approx 5% A.B.V.
40 pints £15.90


B514 Muntons Autumn Blush Country Cider (3.5 kilo kit)
A west country style cider with a distinctive, crisp and refreshing taste. No sugar required other then for priming.

Approx 5% A.B.V.
30 pints £25.80


B516 Muntons Berry Fruit Cider (3.5 kilo kit)
A refreshing blend of apples infused with natural blackcurrant fruit flavour.

Approx 4.8% A.B.V.
40 pints £25.80


prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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