Beermaking Beginners Kits 5 Gallon

Real Ale Micro Brewery Starter Pack
Ideal for beginners and experienced who appreciate real ale style beers.  Outfit includes ALL the equipment, Wheltonhurst Barrel complete with 8gm Bulb Gas Injection system, Bucket, Hydrometer, Trial Jar, Thermometer, Spoon, Siphon, Full Instruction a Woodfords Wherry Bitter all malt beer kit which only requires water to be added. One 8gm bulb is included with outfit.  8gm bulbs are readily available from ourselves and we recommend ordering a pack with Micro Brewery purchase.  It is likely 2/3 bulbs will be used with each brew.

Code Product Size Price Qty
B005 Real Ale Micro Brewery 40 Pints 70.00


E091 CO2 8gm Bulbs 10 4.10


Coopers Lager Starter Pack

Coopers Brewery Kit includes ALL the equipment and bottles, plus a lager kit with the sugar, together with full instructions and DVD.

Code Product Size Price Qty
B010 Coopers Lager Starter Kit 40 Pints 79.50


prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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