First time brewers


Wine Makers will require a
6 or 30 bottle Equipment Starter Pack.  We suggest a 6 bottle Pack useful where space is limited, and the 30 bottle Pack will meet the needs of those wishing to save time and cut cost.  The range of 30 bottle wine kits is considerable, with a final price from around 85p per bottle, also the range of pure grape varietal kits continue to increase in line with those who appreciate fine wines.
N.B. There is an advantage in making 30 bottle kits i.e. lower cost, better temperature control, with a much greater choice of kits available.

If your intention is to start making country wines using your own fruits, then a
Hedgerow Wine Pack will assist with the know-how and yeast etc. You will then be able to ferment the fruits of your choice.


For those wishing to brew Lager.  Coopers Brewery Kit includes all the equipment and with reusable plastic bottles, plus a lager kit together with full colour instruction booklet and dvd.

Instead of bottling you may wish to purchase a pressure barrel. Whilst the majority of real ale drinkers prefer their beer without additional gas, it may be necessary to use a gassing system, this will add pressure to the barrel of beer or lager extending the storing period.

For those wishing to brew Real Ale.  There is a Real Ale
Micro Brewery Starter Pack, which is ideal for beginners and experienced brewers who appreciate real ale style beers containing everything you need to make your first brew.


Still Spirits offer a full range of Spirits, Cream Liqueurs, Liqueurs and Schnapps Essences/Flavouring.  They are not exact copies but if you like the original you will undoubtedly like these.  This is a simple process of adding essences/flavouring to an alcohol base and sweetening to taste where appropriate.

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The price list represents our best selling lines, which are updated with new lines at regular intervals.  Should you require a different pack size, or item not listed please ask, we may well be in the position to obtain and supply within a few working days.

Our aim as always is to provide a fast friendly personal service.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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